This site provides information and products to support people who want to live a more comfortable daily life, learn how to handle their minds, understand themselves better, and have the opportunity to change their current situation by creating an environment with the support of crystals.


Miala Selection

Miala selected rare and unique crystals.希少な石、個性的な石をご紹介。 

Crystal Collection

Collection of crystal from various countries.クリスタルコレクション 

Crystal & Mind

  • Miala

    Crystal shop "Miala" introduces crystals from various countries in your living space or for wearing. Please feel the vibrations of each stone has a different identity.

  • Crystal 101

    The world of crystals is profound; even the same stone can add different meanings depending on its color, shape, country of origin. It is a note of crystal information.


  • Mind Works

    We will explain in detail the characteristics and functions of the conscious and subconscious mind and how to effectively handle them that influence your behavior.
    (Coming Soon)

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Miala Selection

Miala selected rare and unique crystals.希少な石、個性的な石をご紹介。